The Possible Solutions when the House Has No Sewer Cleanout

What steps can you do if your house has no sewer cleanout ? Do you even know what a sewer cleanout is? Homeowners, in general, should know this. Unfortunately, not all of them are familiar with it. In most cases, they have just found out about the sewer cleanout when they have to contact a plumber. So, what is the function of it? What should you do when you don’t have one?

Understanding More about a Sewer Cleanout

A sewer cleanout is basically a part of the house’s plumbing and also waste disposal system. Homeowners should know where it is located. Landlords must ensure that the tenants know (and are aware) of the location.

And why is a sewer cleanout matter? Why is it an issue when a house has no sewer cleanout? Well, when the sewer lines are clogged, it can lead to serious issues, especially for your property. Your plumbing fixtures can get into trouble until you tackle the issues. Plumbers can help you deal with it by using a sewer auger or a hydro jet. Also known as the ‘snake’, this tool is generally used by the plumber to access the pipes. The plumber needs to access the sewer cleanout so they can insert a video inspection camera. This would help them identify the issue and have a clearer look of what’s going on inside the pipe.

So, what is a sewer cleanout? It is a pipe (or pipes) having a cap to provide access to the line, making it easier for the blockages to be removed. You see, lateral sewer line is the one connecting the house to the main (and public) sewer system. The sewer cleanout is typically placed along the lateral sewer line.

Do You Have Sewer Cleanout or Not?

It’s crucial that each house should have a sewer cleanout. It’s too bad that some houses don’t. Most houses have a sewer cleanouts because most of the states require such a thing. However, if you live in a state that doesn’t require it, it’s possible that your house doesn’t have one. If you live in a pretty old house, it’s also possible that you don’t have the sewer cleanout.

 Have Sewer Cleanout
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How do you locate the sewer cleanout? Try walking around the property. If you see a protruding (white) pipe close to the house foundation or on the street (in the front area of the house), that’s likely the sewer cleanout. It’s also possible that it is placed underneath the grate. When you do something in the yard (mowing the lawn, for instance), try checking out. Who knows? You are probably able to get a close contact.

These pipes are the plumbers’ salvation. When they get access to the pipes, they can get to the root of the issues. Once they are able to access the cleanout, they would insert a camera to see the one responsible for the issue. There are many causes that are responsible for the problem, as well as the effects of the blockage. The issue can cause slow water removal, yard flooding, sewage flooding to the house, and other annoying (and also costly) issues.

What if the Cleanout Doesn’t Exist?

So, what to do if a house has no sewer cleanout? If the plumbers can’t locate the cleanout, they are still able to deal with the plumbing issues, but it will take longer times – and also more efforts. The only way to access the pipes is probably through the toilet or even through the roof. Not only it means more labor, but it also means more costs. That’s why a sewer cleanout is crucial.

What if you have a new cleanout installed in the property? You can do that. After all, it’s one of the solutions if your house has no sewer cleanout. However, don’t rush things. Before you attempt on installing the new cleanout, you need to find out the reason why the house doesn’t have the sewer cleanout from the first place. It’s possible that those building the house didn’t find it important to install the cleanout. It’s also possible that the community you live in uses a kind of private system to deal with the sewage. That’s another possible reason why you don’t have any cleanout in the property.

If your community does have a certain private system, then you won’t need to install any cleanout or whatsoever. However, if you find out that your community is actually being connected to the public (sewage) system, and you don’t have one within the property, now you should have one. 

What’s Next?

This is when you want to consult a professional plumbing service. They’re the one who can help you with the sewer cleanout. First of all, they will make sure that your house doesn’t have the sewer cleanout at all. If not, then they will install a new one. They have to locate the (main) sewer line and then dig up the ground to find the pipe. They will cut the pipe so they can make a new connection to the new sewer cleanout.

However, if the house turns out has the cleanout but it hasn’t been used in so many years, there’s a huge possibility that it may be corroded and old. The plumbers will have to revive the system by replacing all the pipes. It’s almost the same as installing a new one, minus cutting off the main line.


How much is the plumbing service?

It depends on your location and the extent of works needs to be done. If you live in a metropolitan area, such as New York, and the work is quite a handful, then you may have to deal with a hefty cost.

What should I do to get a reliable plumbing service?

Don’t rush things. Ask around. Ask for recommendation or reference. The last thing you want to do is to lose money because of a shady service.

Should I find out about the regulations in my area or state?

It would be better to do so. Consult your plumber because they are the ones who can provide suggestions and advices.

Can I have a DIY project?

No, this kind of work is better done by the professional.

Now that you already know about sewer cleanout, and everything related to it, you know what your next move is. No need to get confused if your house has no sewer cleanout because there are solutions to it.

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