Knowing the Facts on How Long Does It Take for Spackle to Dry

How long does it take for spackle to dry ? You may have had such a question when doing a home improvement project. You should know that different spackle would lead to different results – and drying times. That’s why you need to understand your spackle better to expect the maximum outcome. 

Understanding Spackles

Spackle is a putty-like substance that can be used to fill in a crack or a hole. It is typically done to perform minor fixes to plaster, wood, or drywall. When it is applied, you need to leave it alone so it can dry off completely. In general, spackle needs around an hour to two to dry off. However, the so-called fast-drying spackle can dry off within minutes. Keep in mind that spackle can be handy for minor damages. If you deal with significant impairments, spackle may not be overly practical. 

How long does it take for spackle to dry
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The spackle needs to dry so you can finally paint it. So, the steps are: apply the spackle, let it dry, sand it, and then paint. In ordinary cases, you only need to use one layer of spackle and then you are done. But in some cases, you may need to apply several layers, which will affect the drying time. The more spackle you have, the longer it takes to dry off completely. 

Factors to Affect the Drying Time

How long does it take for the spackle to dry? There are several affecting factors for it. First of all, different compounds would lead to additional drying time. If you choose the fast setting or fast-drying spackle, they have the extra chemicals that enable them to dry off fast. 

Second, you need to consider the depth and size of the space being filled in. The deeper the hole is, the longer it takes to dry. If you are dealing with long cracks, it will also take longer to dry. A small hole only takes minutes to dry, while a giant patch may require hours. 

The third factor is the humidity. If it is humid, the spackle needs a longer time to dry. Let’s say that you choose the regular spackle that typically needs around 2 hours to dry. But because your area is humid, it may need 3 hours (or even 4 hours) to dry. Spackle is mixed up with water, and water won’t quickly evaporate when the air has moisture. The more humid it is, the longer it takes. 

Does Fast Drying Spackle Work?

So, how long does it take for the spackle to dry? When dealing with the fast-drying spackle, the period may be different. Compared to the regular spackle having natural compounds, the fast-drying spackle contains chemical reactions that would speed up the process. 

The first would be the dry powder usually applied as a fast drywall compound. Coming in powdery form, it must be mixed up with water before you can use it. The water is the agent activating the chemical reaction responsible for the faster drying time. Keep in mind that you need to apply it fast after mixing it (with water) because the response will start once the mix occurs. Some people would choose this for short patchwork. However, this is also more challenging as it needs to be cleaned up immediately. 

Another one would be the premixed type. When the compound is exposed to the air, it will dry up. This one doesn’t dry as fast as the powdery (and water) type, so it is perfect for those who want to have slower work or aren’t familiar with the job. This product, however, has additives that may affect the finished product (like vinyl).

Faster Drying Method

Since you know how long does it take for the spackle to dry, you may want to make the process go faster. Here are some ways to do it:

  • AC. It boosts the humidity, but it also improves air movement.
  • Portable fans. When you circulate the air (around the affected areas), it helps the drying process to go faster. The moving air evaporates water quicker.
  • Hairdryer. This is another alternative to try when you don’t have any AC or fans. If you only have to deal with one (or two) spots, the hairdryer can also help. But make sure to use the cool setting.
  • Temperature. If you can control the temperature, the drying process can go faster. If you can find a way to keep the area less humid and cool, the spackle can dry off quicker.


Q: What kinds of spackle should I buy?

A: It depends on your needs. If you want the fast-drying type, you should go with that type. If you wish for the regular one, then go with it. 

Q: Do you have any tips to help me find the right one for my needs?

A: It would be better (and wiser) if you performed your research. Don’t buy the speckle in a rush. Ensure that you know what speckle you need, the type you want, how to perform the repair properly, and such things alike. It would also be wise to ask for recommendations from those dealing with such repairs. Asking the store assistant can also help to make you decide

Q: Where should I buy the spackle?

A: Home improvement stores have it and its various types. You can also buy online, but it would seem to be better and more efficient if you go from the offline stores so you can ask around. 

Q: How can I apply the spackle carefully without risks?

A: Make sure that you read the directions or instructions. Each product may have different preparation and method. You don’t want to make mistakes, so be sure to know what you are doing. 


Spackles can help with minor work, but you need to understand the product before applying. Now that you already know the general facts of how long does it take for the spackle to dry, you will be more confident to start and do the work on your own. 

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