How to Clean Teak Shower Bench: The Steps and the Products

Knowing how to clean teak shower bench can be handy knowledge. Not only do you know how to do it properly, but you can also maintain (and save) your investment for many years to come. Unfortunately, not many people know how to care for the bench properly, especially when it is made from teak wood. So, how should you clean it without damaging it?

Understand More About Teak Shower Bench

For many people, buying a shower bench is a good idea. It helps physically challenged or older adults. It also helps make the bathroom become a more convenient area. Teak wood is durable, and not to mention that it has a pleasant smell too. The wood has impressive resistance against rot and mould, and it doesn’t break easily. But just like other furniture, you need to maintain it properly and carefully so the teak bench can last for a long time.

Steps to Do the Cleaning

One part about how to clean teak shower bench is to make sure that you do the steps correctly and properly. 

  • Choose the cleaner. It can be the store products or the homemade ones. It’s up to you. Be sure to pick the right product wisely. You want to go with eco-friendly or environmentally safe products. 
  • Apply the cleaner. Rub it onto the bench. Leave it be for around 3 minutes. 
  • Use a soft scrubber. If you don’t have one, use the soft bristle brush. Do the scrub gently as too hard scrubbing can scuff (or scratch) the wood. Cover the bench edges and hidden corners effectively. 
  • Rinse the bench. Once the scrubbing activity is done, rinse the bench off. Check whether the bench is clean or not. If not, repeat the steps. 
  • Dry it off. When the rinsing is done, let it dries off completely. You want to do it as long as possible because you want to be sure that it is completely dried off. When it dries, apply teak oil for the extra shine and protect the wood. If there is any excess oil, wipe it away immediately. Let it dry completely. While waiting for the bench to dry, don’t use it just yet. 

Products to Clean the Teak Bench

As was mentioned before, knowing how to clean teak shower bench can be a good insight. You should be able to maintain the condition without spending a fortune or without dealing with complicated procedures. 

  • Teak Oil

Teak oil is considered the best way to return the lost lustre of the wood. It isn’t pricey, but it’s also easily found in stores. Be sure to use teak oil containing UV because it has tung oil and high-quality linseed oil. The oil would enhance, nourish, and protect the natural beauty of the wood. 

  • Dish-Washing Liquid

Do you know that dish-washing liquids and soaps are also great for maintaining the good condition of the teak bench? They are safe for the shower benches, and they aren’t abrasive. Simply mix the soap with water, and then you can use it to clean the bench. If you want to, use a brush to get better outcome and to reach each corner. Use the soft bristle one. 

  • Regular Maintenance

Teak wood is solid and durable. In most cases, it doesn’t need frequent polishing or high maintenance. However, it would be helpful to have regular maintenance. After all, it doesn’t hurt to perform continual care, which would guarantee the furniture’s prolonged life. If you don’t mind the extra work, you should always clean (and dry) it after each shower so the bench can preserve the original finish. 

  • Vinegar Mix

One way how to clean teak shower bench is to use natural and homemade ingredients. One of them is using vinegar. Moreover, vinegar can help prevent the teak from rotting. You only need to prepare white distilled vinegar, lukewarm water, and a spray bottle. Mix the warm water and the vinegar, and then pour it into the spray bottle. Spray it on the bench. Make sure that it is all over it. Leave it be for around 2 minutes, and then use a towel to wipe it off. You can also use a soft cloth. Then leave it dry. You will see the bench shine again. 

  • Baking Soda

Do you know that baking soda is also great for cleaning? Mix the baking soda with some tablespoons of water. The mixture should form a paste. Apply the paste to the bench to remove mildew or mould. Try it, and you can see whether it works well or not. 

  • Teak Cleaner

There are some teak cleaner products that you can use to apply to your teak bench. Be sure to use eco-friendly products that don’t contain harmful ingredients. Pay attention to the directions. Some products may require you to use a soft cloth or soft towel for the application, while others require you to use a brush. Some products may require you to use stiff bristle types of brush, while the others need you to use the soft type. 

  • Vinegar, Hand Soap, and Water

This is a homemade cleaning solution that can be useful for cleaning the bench. In general, mix water, a little vinegar, and two spoonfuls of hand soap. It depends on the size of the bench, and the bigger it is, the more the mixture would be. 


Q: How often should I oil the shower bench?

A: Typically, the teak bench needs oiling once every 3 (or 4) months. 4 months should be the maximum length without the bench being oiled. 

Q: Can teak shower bench mould?

A: The bench can grow mildew and mould over time despite its natural rot and resistance. But with proper care, such an issue can be prevented and avoided. 

Q: Wood usually rots quickly. Can teak wood last in showers?

A: With proper care and maintenance, it definitely can last, and it can be in good condition for quite a long time. 

Q: How long does the teak bench last within the shower sets?

A: Teak has impressive resistance to rot. Teak furniture can last for at least 70 years, even longer with proper care and maintenance

As you can see, caring for a teak shower bench isn’t tricky, but it does need commitment. Now that you know how to clean teak shower bench , you can start doing it. 

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