How to Remove Shower Handle without Screws Step by Step

So, how to remove shower handle without screws ? You probably want to replace the cartridge valve or change the hardware of the shower. Whatever work you want to do, you will have to deal with the shower handle because you need to remove it. Most of them have screws, but they may be hidden if you can’t see one. 

Reasons to Remove the Handle

In most cases, you may have to deal with bathroom remodeling work. But it’s also possible that the handle is broken, causing you to have to remove them. This is the first reason to deal with the screws. Another reason is for aesthetic purposes, meaning that you want to upgrade the visual look. You’d be surprised to find out that a seemingly small item like the handle can affect the entire look of the bathroom. 

Removing the Handle

Before applying the steps to remove shower handle without screws, you need to understand the nature of the shower handle itself. Does it have hidden screws? Does it have ultimately no screw at all? Don’t forget that it would be helpful if you came prepared with the tools or equipment. 

In most cases, you will need:

  • Hex key set
  • Allen wrenches
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Some rags or cloth

You can prepare a handle puller set, a rust cleaner or lubricant, and distilled white vinegar for extra preparation. But these are only when needed, but it would be better if you have them ready. 

Dealing with Hidden Screws

Remove Shower Handle without Screws
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In performing ways how to remove shower handle without screws, you may have to deal with the hidden screws—no need to worry. Just follow the steps, and you should be fine.

  • Always turn off the water supply before starting the job. Please turn off the entire water system for the house. 
  • Remove the faceplate. By using a rag or a cloth, twist it off. If the faceplate comes with a bolt, use the adjustable wrench to do the removal. When needed, apply the lubricant. Most people may use the WD-40, but anything will do.
  • Check the inside part of the handle. This is when the distilled white vinegar comes in handy, as you can use it for the cleaning. You should be able to find the information about the manufacturer there. It can be on the handle or the inside part of the faceplate. 
  • Based on the info about the manufacturer, you can find them online. Most manufacturers would provide a free guide about their products, including how to install or reinstall them. The information about the manufacturer can also be helpful if you experience issues during the process.
  • Find the hidden screws attached to the handle.
  • If you have to remove lever handles, use Allen wrenches or hex keys
  • If you have to remove the handle’s screws or bolts, use a screwdriver, hex key, or Allen wrench
  • Pay attention carefully to the screws or bolts after the removal. They are super small, so they tend to lose easily.
  • Pay attention to the proper assembly process of the handle, especially if you have to reinstall it.
  • After removing the bolts or screws, you can now pull out the handle easily. It can be done by hand. 
  • If you have a double-faucet handle type, repeat the same process. 

Dealing with No Screws

The steps on remove shower handle without screws are perfect when the handle has no screws at all. 

  • It would help if you always started by turning off the water supply first. 
  • Remove the faceplate. Again, use the cloth so you can twist it off gently by hand. If you encounter issues, use the rust cleaner or lubricant to help. 
  • Once the faceplate has been removed, check it. If there is no screw at all, find the information about the manufacturer. Like the previous method, you want to check the official website to find out the proper guide. 
  • Try tugging the handle to see whether it would detach from the shower. Do it carefully. Otherwise, you may hurt the shower or the handle.
  • If it doesn’t detach, try twisting it off. Do it within the opposite direction in which it turns on.
  • In some cases, the screwless handle needs the so-called handle puller, a unique tool for the job. But then again, check with the manufacturer whether you need this tool or not. Or whether it is advisable by the manufacturer or not. 
  • If you manage to remove the handle, use the distilled white vinegar on it. Do this before you reinstall or replace the handle. 
  • If you have the double-faucet type, repeat the same process. 


Q: Do I have to hire a professional, or can I do it as a DIY project?

A: This process is relatively simple and easy. Suppose you want to do it as a DIY project. However, if you are entirely clueless about the whole thing, it may be wiser to hire a professional. Sure, you will be spending extra, but you can save a lot of money in the long run. 

Q: Is it always expensive to do the replacement?

A: Not at all. The cost is relatively cheap, and you can always find a replacement quickly. The only thing you need to do is be extra cautious. 

Q: Do you have any tips to make this process easy and safe?

A: Follow the provided steps, and you should be good. 

Q: Is the process applicable for all kinds of brands?

A: In general, yes. But it would be best if you remembered that each manufacturer has its difference from one another. One brand may have a slightly different mechanism than the others. 


In short, be careful when doing the work. It isn’t complicated or expensive, but you can’t rush things. If you know how to remove shower handle without screws, you can perform the work well and successfully. 

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