How to Store Bar Soap in the Shower for Maximum Freshness

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Taking a refreshing shower is one of life’s simple pleasures. But have you ever noticed your bar soap starts to get mushy and break down more quickly than you’d like? Properly storing your bar of soap in the shower can help it last longer so you don’t have to replace it as often.

In this post, we’ll go over some tips on ways to store bar soap in the shower the right way. From choosing the best soap dish to using a soap saver, we’ll cover everything you need to know to keep your bar soap fresh. Let’s lather up on soap storage knowledge!

Pick the Right Spot in Your Shower

The first rule of soap storage is to keep your soap away from excessive moisture. The shower head stream is soap’s worst enemy, so don’t place it directly under the flow of water.

Instead, put your bar soap on the opposite wall of the shower head. Up high on a ledge or corner soap rack works nicely. This prevents excess water from getting the soap wet and causing it to become soggy or melt quickly.

You also want an area that allows for drainage and airflow. Placing your soap bar on a flat wet surface lets water pool underneath, which can make it become soggy.

Make sure to keep it away from any crevices where water can collect. The goal is to keep your bar soap as dry as possible between showers.

Use a Quality Soap Dish

Now that you’ve found the ideal shower spot, it’s time to choose a soap dish. This is an important decision because the right one keeps your bar soap elevated and dry.

Soap dishes come in many materials like plastic, ceramic, or stainless steel. Materials like wood can warp and rot over time when exposed to moisture.

It should also have holes or slots that allow water to drain away underneath. This ventilation is key for quick drying. Some even have ridges or bumps to let air circulate.

There are also soap saver options with lids to protect your bar soap even more. Just be sure to pop it open after showering so steam doesn’t get trapped inside.

Pro tip: Get two dishes so you always have a clean one ready to swap out!

Cut It Up

Did you know you can make it last longer by slicing your bar soap into smaller pieces of soap? This exposes more surface of the soap to air and prevents a full bar from sitting wet between uses.

Use a soap cutter or sturdy knife to cut it into bars of your desired size. Quarter bars or half bars work well. Just don’t make them too thin or they’ll wear down quickly.

When prepping new bar soap for storage, it’s smart to cut it up right away. This helps extend the life rather than waiting until it starts to become soggy.

Dry It Out

It’s worth repeating that keeping your soap bar dry is crucial for longevity. Here are some extra tips for drying:

  • Let your bar soap air dry fully on its dish or a rack before replacing it between showers. Don’t just set it in a drawer while still wet.
  • If you hang your soap with a rope or loop, make sure excess water can still drain off.
  • Use a fan to speed up drying time if needed. Just don’t blow it directly on the soap nonstop.
  • For homemade or handmade soap, allow 4-6 weeks of curing time before use. This helps harden and dry it.
  • Rotate between a few bars of soap so each has time to completely dry out before the next use.

Store It Properly

When your shower soap is dry, you need to store it properly to keep it that way. Here are some tips:

  • Place it in an airtight container or bag to prevent moisture exposure. Make sure to use one with ventilation holes.
  • For a decorative look, put it in a lidded soap dish, box, or jar. Just crack the lid between uses.
  • Wrap it in wax paper, foil, a small towel or muslin cloth for protection. Change out the wrap when damp.
  • Keep it in a cabinet, drawer, or closet away from steamy areas like under the sink.
  • Store in a cool, dark place without direct sunlight to avoid melting.

Use a Soap Saver Bag

soap saver bag or pouch is a game changer for extending the life of a bar of soap. These bags have a few benefits:

  • They allow air circulation but prevent excess liquid soap and water from reaching the soap.
  • Any softened soap drips through the porous bag instead of becoming the bar.
  • The exfoliating bag acts as a built-in scrubber.
  • Leftover soap slivers combine at the bottom to create a new bar once the first is gone.

Simply place your soap bar in the bag and hang it or set it on a dish in your shower. It’s an easy way to keep your soap in top form.

How to Store Bar Soap in the Shower

Don’t Store Soap in the Shower When Traveling

When staying at a hotel or on vacation, you may be tempted to keep your bar soap in the shower between uses. However, this can cause it to breakdown faster.

Instead, put it in a soap saver pouch and store somewhere dry and cool when not showering. Or use an open container that allows ventilation.

Keeping it dry in between prevents the excess moisture and humidity of hotel showers from damaging your bar soap.

Know When to Toss It

No matter how careful your soap storage, bar soap won’t last forever. Signs it may be time to toss it include:

  • Mold or mildew spots
  • Strange smell
  • Too soft and slimy
  • Change in color
  • Won’t lather properly
  • Dried out with hard spots

As a general guideline, bar soap should last 2-3 months with frequent use. Soap made with natural ingredients may last several months longer before going bad. When in doubt, remember it’s cheap to replace!

Keep It Clean

To help keep your bar soap clean and free of germs:

  • Allow soap to completely air dry between uses
  • Clean the soap dish regularly with hot water
  • Store soap in a dry, cool place like a drawer or cabinet
  • Replace bars frequently to prevent bacteria buildup
  • Consider using a protective wrap around soap bars

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does bar soap last in the shower?

With proper care and storage, bar soap can last 2-3 months in the shower before needing replacement. Make sure to fully dry and store it correctly between uses.

Where is the best place to keep soap in the shower?

The best spot is away from direct water on a ledge or corner shelf. This prevents excess moisture. Use a well-ventilated soap dish that allows drainage.

Should you store soap in a box?

Yes, storing bar soap in an airtight storage container like a box is great for keeping it dry between uses. Just make sure to use one with ventilation holes and to leave it unsealed so air can still circulate.

How do you keep soap from melting in the shower?

Avoid placing it directly in the water stream. Allow it to fully air dry between showers. Store in a cool, dry place and use a soap dish with adequate drainage. Cutting it into smaller bars also helps it dry faster.

Why does my soap get dirty and slimy?

This happens when soap doesn’t dry out fully between uses. Make sure to place it somewhere with good airflow. Always let it dry on a rack before storing. Using a soap saver also helps prevent slime.

How can I prevent soap germs?

Let soap air dry completely between uses. Replace bars regularly. Disinfect your soap dish frequently. Store soap in a cool, dry place. Consider wrapping bars in paper or cloth.

Keep Your Soap Fresh!

Hopefully these tips will help you choose the ideal ways to store solutions for keeping your favorite soap fresh in the shower. With the right practices, you can enjoy every last sliver!

The key is finding a well-ventilated spot away from excess moisture for both storing and drying your bar. Using a proper soap dish and soap saver pouch provide extra protection.

And don’t forget to let your soap completely air dry between uses. Your skin will thank you when you prevent the bacteria that grows on soggy soap.

Do you have any other great tips for soap storage and making bars last longer? Share your best practices in the comments!

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