Common Tankless Toilet Problems: Be Ready for Them

In case you have been thinking about having a tankless toilet for the house, you should also consider the common tankless toilet problems that go along with it. In the past few years, this kind of toilet has gained quite a lot of like and popularity. Naturally, it has its own benefits aside from the visually pleasing nature. But before you run to the nearest home improvement store and buy yourself one, you should understand some of its common shortcomings so you know what you are dealing with.

What Is Tankless Toilet?

As the name suggests, a tankless toilet doesn’t have any attached tank to contain the water. So, how do you flush everything? The water is connected directly to a supply line. When activated, it will generate enough pressure to flush everything into the drainage system. A lot of people think that the tankless toilet needs more water than the regular toilet. In reality, no. The tankless system uses just as much as water as the regular toilet. However, it uses bigger (water) pressure. It has an electric pump that can generate the water for effective flushing.

Sounds like a good deal, right? Yes, such a modern toilet does have its own perks. But let’s not forget about some of the possible tankless toilet problems because such a system isn’t entirely perfect. Plus, the toilet may not be for everyone or every house. Know some of the basic facts before you install one at your house.

Some of the Most Common Issues

Sure, the toilet can give you abundant of perks and advantages, but let’s not forget that it’s not 100% perfect. There are several possible tankless toilet problems that you will have to deal with. And what are they?

  • Power Supply

If you have read the previous section about tankless toilet mechanism, then you know that solid power supply is a must. Basically, are you sure that you have enough power to run it? Let’s not forget that the toilet is in bad need of solid electricity. You should also factor in the outage or power off. When it happens, you won’t be able to flush. So, does your area often suffer from power outage? When it happens, how long does it last? Only a few minutes? Up to a couple of hours? If your area is often affected by the power outage, then tankless toilet may not be for you.

  • Expert Installation Requirements

Not everyone is able to install the toilet; not all plumbers are able to do it. It means that you need to prepare extra budgets to hire an expert. Let’s not forget that you will have to consult a licensed and expert plumber in case of repair or damage. Will it cost you? Definitely. If you want a tankless toilet, just be ready with a lot of expenses and spending.

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It’s not advisable to have a DIY project for this. As it was mentioned before, even experienced plumbers aren’t all familiar with the system – which can be quite advanced and complicated. It would be a different case with the regular tanked toilet. Most plumbers are familiar with the system and so are you. In short, if you want a tankless toilet, you will have to be ready with the extra budgets. Expect only working with experts and that will take its toll on your financial standing.

  • High Cost up Front

When compared to the regular toilet, the tankless toilet is generally higher in price. That’s why price is often considered as one of the most common of the tankless toilet problems. Let’s not forget that you will be dealing not only with the price of the toilet, but you will have to consider the installation cost too. Both of the toilets and the installation costs are quite high. Are you ready for them?

  • Only a Few Products

The tankless toilets aren’t as popular as the regular tanked system. Not to mention that there are only some companies that make them. When it comes to options, you  may not have a lot because of the limitation to the products and the manufacturers that provide them.

  • Plumbing Alteration

These tankless toilets would need a wide supply pipeline, which means that you may have to change the already existing piping system, especially if you already had the regular toilets before. It’s crucial to change the pipes because the high pressure flush can do significant damage to the existing pipes. Not only it would be time consuming, but it would be pricey too. Again, are you ready with the budgets and extra stuff?


Q: Is it okay if I can find the inexpensive tankless toilet?

A: It would be wise to check the product and the manufacturer. The tankless toilet’s high price comes for a reason. Are you sure that the one you are getting is reliable? What about the detailed specs? What is the catch? After all, you don’t want to regret buying (and installing) one if you encounter issues with it. What’s the point of being able to get cheap toilets that give you more issues in the future?

Q: Is tankless toilet for me?

A: That’s a question you need to ask yourself. Only the homeowners who can make the decision as they are the ones familiar with their home and its settings. That’s why you should get the entire facts completely before making any decision.

Q: How much should I prepare for the job?

A: It depends on a lot of things, such as your location, the expert that you are consulting with, and more. You will need to talk to your plumber as he is the one who can make the calculation.

Q: Which product is the best and would be perfect for my house?

A: This is a job that you should do by yourself. Perform a thorough research, especially related to your areas related to the price, the expert plumber, and such thing alike.


As it was mentioned before, tankless toilet isn’t for everyone. Now that you already know about some common tankless toilet problems, you can decide whether such a toilet is for you or not.

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